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Integrated payment solutions, hospitality and retail software and global VAT refunds: we make travel and shopping a breeze.

Brands we work with

What Planet does

    We are the payment experts for companies that want to fully optimize their potential

    Single Payment Platform

    A fully-integrated payment platform that puts your customers first. So they can pay in ways that work for them - and for your business. 

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    In-person payments

    Payment terminals that connect to your systems, generate revenue and work perfectly for your customers and your people. 

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    Online Payments

    Fast, easy and secure online transactions for your online customers. Wherever they are in the world. And however they like to pay. 

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    Payment Gateway

    However and wherever your customers want to pay, our gateway makes every transaction easy and secure. 

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    PCI Proxy

    Simplify your PCI compliance, become provider independent and maximise your security. Planet’s PCI Proxy empowers organisations around the globe to build and control payment flows quickly.

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    Revenue Generating Services

    Our VAT Refund and Currency Conversion products turn millions of your into revenue generating moments.

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    Spend less time worrying about the day-to-day operations of your hotel

    Property Management Systems

    Planet’s PMS integrates with all your systems. Putting technology in your hands that unleashes the power of your people.



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    Payments Platform

    Smooth, secure payments wherever and however your guests want to pay.



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    Vacation Rental Software

    Automate time-consuming tasks, simplify processes and make guest communication reliable and easy. 

    Revenue Generating Payments

    Turn thousands of transactions into frictionless revenue generating opportunities for your business.



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    Access the newest and the best hotel technology. Where everything can be customised, and everything works with everything else

    Digital Networking Services

    Connected guests and staff are happy guests and staff. Planet’s networking will get everyone connected. And keep them connected.



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    Unified Commerce is a seamless journey between all points of sale, both digital and physical

    Unified Commerce

    Streamline and simplify every aspect of payment and fulfilment, online and in person.


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    Order Management System

    Planet’s OMS orchestrates and fulfils every purchase in a way that works for you, and your customers. 



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    In-Person Payments

    In-store terminals that connect seamlessly to your systems, generate revenue and make payments easier and more flexible. 

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    Single Payment Platform

    A fully-integrated payment platform that puts your shoppers first. So they can pay how they choose.

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    Tax Free

    Friction-free refund solutions that fit your systems perfectly, and give your customers their cash back. Before they leave your location.

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    Online Payments

    Smooth, secure online transactions for your online customers. Wherever they are in the world. And however they want to pay.

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    Make payments simple

    Planet software allows you to accept all major payment methods with one simple solution - cutting down on costs.

    payment methods cards

    800,000 connected customers around the world

    We help you offer your customers a personally tailored experience by combining connected software, payments and technology.

    connected commerce connected commerce

    Fully connected in 120 countries

    Making shopping, eating, staying and playing feel better, and work better, everywhere.

    connected countries connected countries

    "It’s an honour to be partnering with Planet to deliver superb digital experiences for the complex world of payments. Great user experiences have always had a significant impact on business success. We are excited to innovate with Planet on the secure and reliable infrastructure monitoring capabilities needed for real-time high velocity transactions."

    Jasmin Young

    CEO, Netreo

    Why Planet?

    Because you want every transaction to be fast, seamless and fuss-free.

    Why should you choose Planet?

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    Transparent costs

    Our charge structure helps you plan with confidence. We don’t charge a set-up fee, just a one-off fee for each of our products. And because of our revenue generating products, higher transaction volumes don’t add costs. They make you money.

    Quick, easy integration

    Planet products integrate quickly and easily into any tech ecosystem. That means no pain or disruption for you, your people, or your customers.

    We work where you are

    Our systems work with almost every card and payment method around the world. Amex, Mastercard, Visa, WeChat. AliPay. No problem. Planet currency conversion products mean your guests and customers can pay in a way that suits them.

    Complete security

    Planet software and technology mean security and peace of mind for you and your customers. We offer point-to-point encryption and meet the highest PCI security standards.

    Get in touch

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    Your business is different from every other. That means there are different opportunities to make the most of Planet software and technology. Use this form to connect with the right Planet person, and start a conversation about the difference we can make. 

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